The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption: The Benefits of Adopting A Pet 2023

The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption: The Benefits of Adopting A Pet 2023

There are a lot of reasons why you should adopt a pet! Just to give you one right now, it's much more meaningful than when you purchase one from a breeder or from a certain location. And if you're interested in taking in a new furry friend through an adoption process, then you've come to the right place.

Adoption is More Than Just Finding the Right Pet

Man carrying his dog

Taking in a dog or cat (as well as other types of adoptable animals such as a horse) is a huge decision. It's more than just dropping by your local shelters and rescue groups and deciding which puppy, kitten, juvenile dog or senior cat to foster in your household.

Even if the ultimate goal is to find loving homes for a furry friend, the definition of the "right pet" varies significantly from one individual to another. It also involves contrasting preferences as regards the age, sex, breed, lifestyle and even the required veterinary care of a particular animal.

This is why we’ve interviewed hundreds of pet rescue groups and shelters all over the country to get the best tidbits from the experts themselves. Here are the benefits of pet adoption that you don't want to miss out on:


You Get to Feel the Magic of The Meet Up With Adoptable Pets

Girl holding her cat

Have you ever experienced the magical feeling of being in love? The same can be said when you participate in free adoption events or go in for the pet adoption process at your local animal shelter. Chances are there's one in your location that's easy to search, too.

The feeling of love and compassion is much more intense when it comes to pet adoption because you know that you're giving your new furry friend a better future. If you're a person looking for a sign to take in a new animal family member, then this is it!

Star Paws Rescue Foundation’s Courtney Rheuban Ax shares: “There's something about bringing home a pet for the first time, either from the shelter or the rescue and watching them realize that they are home and spending the rest of their life happy and warm and loved and safe. The unconditional love you get back from that dog or cat is one of the greatest things you can experience.”


A Cool Benefit of Pet Adoption is You Get To Be The Recipient of TLC

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Did you know that the most loving pets are usually from shelters (and events like ASPCA and PetSmart charities) because they tend to be more appreciative of the love and care given to them?

Keyria Lockheart, a volunteer at the Last Hope Cat Kingdom, says that “I've had many tell me they love shelter animals more than non-shelter because they seem to appreciate being out of the environment and into a loving home.”


You Will Save a Life When You Visit Animal Shelters

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Dogs and cats nurtured by animal shelters and rescues are in search of loving families because they're at risk of spending the rest of their lives miserably in the streets. Pet adoption is all about providing an abandoned dog or kitten with a family.

Here's what Esther Lyon from Wayward Paws has to say: “I think that the most useful information that potential adopters can know is that by adopting from a shelter or rescue group, you are giving a home to a pet that has never had one of their own.”

And it's not every day that you can say that you've decided to help foster a pet in need, right?


Advocating for Local Animal Shelters Will Help You Become Physically Healthier

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Do you know that children who grew up in homes with pets suffer from fewer allergies? Growing up with pets can minimize the risk of developing allergies, not to mention several other health benefits. You can think of a pet as having the unique power to access your stress switch and turn it off.


You Get to Help Your Local Shelters or Animal Rescues

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Pet rescues and shelters worldwide are filled to the brim with animals for adoption that have no other place to go. And we all know how they'll end up if they're not going to be adopted. Just to emphasize, you can even adopt cats or dogs in an on-site basis!

Anne Fifield, the founder of Basset Rescue Across Texas has this to share: “Opt to adopt. Yes, puppies are cute and cuddly. However, there are thousands of animals in rescues and shelters who need a home or they could be euthanized. You would be saving a life by adopting."


Adoption Helps End Puppy Mills

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Puppy mills don't care with whom the dogs they're breeding end up. They also do not care if a certain pet is from a sturdy lineage or not. In contrast, you'll encounter much stricter standards when your goal is to find dogs for adoption. Always remember that buying from a pup mill or an unscrupulous person only means that more well-deserving pets end up not having a home.


You Will Get a Better Match When You Adopt a Pet

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Pet adoption isn't an instant deal. You don't just go in there, say that you're in search of dogs or cats and be on your way. You can't jump from one location to another, too, say like in ASPCA arrangements. Adoption is more of matching specific animals to their rightful loving homes. Key factors to consider when you adopt a pet include age, breed, whether to spay/neuter or not, and the particular lifestyle some dogs or cats may require.


Adopt to Become Friendlier

Dog playing with his owner

Did you know that people who have pets come as friendlier and more approachable? They tend to congregate as a community and interact like very close friends, even if they've only just met, say at an ASPCA event or some pet-related activity. This common interest in pets brings people together regardless of the location!


Your Romance Will Improve

Individuals who have a pet are perceived as more family-oriented, more responsible and more caring, characteristics that are deemed ideal in romance. When you adopt a pet, whether it's a dog, cat or even a horse, you're already starting to create a more attractive personality.


You'll Save A Lot Of Money

According to ASPCA, a particular breed of dog or kitten can cost a lot. Factor in the food, vaccinations, regular visit to the vet, spay and neuter expenses as well as similar payments and you'll be surprised with what you'll end up with. While pet shelters and rescues can charge a certain fee and review your eligibility before letting you take home an animal, most of the costs and charges are free.

San Diego Humane Society and SPCA’s Public Relations Program Manager Kelli Schry shares: “There are many advantages to adopting a shelter animal. Adoption is a much more affordable option, and you know you’re getting an animal that has been assessed behaviorally and medically.”

We’re sure you have plenty of questions lined up and we’ll do our best to guide you by coming up with the best information through our The Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption Series. Make sure you log in really soon because we’ll talk about the differences that set animal rescues and shelters apart, so stay tuned for that!

Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie Cyrenne is a certified Homeopath with over ten years of experience creating natural products for cats and dogs. She co-founded eCommerce brand, Zumalka in 2013 with her husband Matt and is on a mission to help thousands of animals naturally improve their quality of life and shares her experience on their popular YouTube show. Hence, she created a line of high-performance natural pet supplements to target the root cause of common health issues. Suzie was influenced by her mother-in-law, who practiced homeopathy and made natural remedies from home. After being on prescriptions for many years for a skin issue without resolution, she wanted to try something new. Her problems were cleared up within a few months of dedication to a better diet supplemented by homeopathic remedies. That's when she knew that homeopathy worked! During this process, she wondered why there weren't better options for pets and soon created a popular line of natural remedies that have helped thousands of pets across the USA. When she’s not traveling or reading the next personal development book, you can find Suzie snowboarding, working out, or enjoying a daily hike.

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Eli Bradley
Eli Bradley

June 27, 2022

It’s interesting that you mention that adopting a dog can help you to get more physical exercise. I’ve been searching for a good way to change my lifestyle to be more active, so I’m considering adopting a puppy this month. I’m going to search for a good business that can help me adopt a puppy.

Levi Armstrong
Levi Armstrong

July 27, 2020

Suzie, I like that you said that I would get a better match for a pet if I adopt instead of buying a new pet. I have always wanted to get another dog after my pet dog died early last year, but I still couldn’t get over the heartbreak. Now that I’m finally ready to get a new one, perhaps I should adopt at our local pet adoption organization center so I can save animal lives and choose one that I really connected with and matches my character. Thanks for this article!

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