The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption – Find Your Perfect Pet Match 2023

by Suzie Cyrenne July 06, 2023 3 min read

The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption – Find Your Perfect Pet Match 2023

When it comes to adoptable animals from local shelters and rescue groups, finding your perfect match can be rather tricky at times. You're not just taking in a new furry friend, but a new member of your household after all.

A Quick Reminder

Before we move on to how to find your perfect match during pet adoption, make sure you read the previous parts of the Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption Series, specifically the one on "Things To Consider Before Adopting."

Without further ado, here are the things you should keep in mind to find the perfect match during pet adoption:


#1 - Rescue Volunteers and Shelter Staff Are Your Friends!

cat wearing an Elizabethan collar

Being friends with the staff in animal shelters and rescues is crucial because they have access to the information you do not. Dorothea Boughdadly of Hoofs and Woofs Animal Rescue advises that these people know the animals really well and will share a lot of insight to find loving homes for dogs and cats wherever your location may be in the country.



#2 - Meet and Greet a Lot of Adoptable Pets

two dogs looking at their owner

Just like dating, your search for a new best friend through shelters and rescues—not to mention ASPCA, PetSmart charities, Happy Tails and similar groups—won't be an instant deal. You've got to do a lot of on-site meet and greets and interaction with an animal to pull the whole adoption thing off. (And make sure you check out our guide on How to Meet & Greet Your New Pet to learn how to ace this.)


#3 - Get a Second Opinion

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So you think you've found the ideal puppy, kitten or other pet to adopt and save. What's next? This is the time to ask for a second opinion just before you finalize the adoption. A different person might be able to see or point out things that you are not able to see, hear or feel. After all, the ultimate goal is to search for the right place where dogs and cats will have their best quality of life.


#4 - Meet the Family

man hugging his dog

It's not just you who's going to adopt a dog, kitten or an older cat from ASPCA as well as similar shelters and rescue groups. They've also got to meet your other pets or family members because they are a part of the pet adoption process, too. Your search for the ideal adoptable pet is incomplete without them!

No matter how docile you observe adoptable pets are, it's still highly likely that they can clash with your other pets like dogs and cats (particularly on food and the regular visit to the park). And no matter how cuddly kittens or puppies are, you cannot just force your family members to love them in an instant.


#5 - Expect a Little Work (After Local Shelters or Rescues)

cat looking at the drawings

When you save a dog or cat through adoption, it's possible that they'll still need a bit of training here and there. Examples of this include potty training, teaching him not to play with his food and other crucial skills and behaviors.

Remember, it's likely won't get the best trained dogs, cats and other pets when you adopt through ASPCA and similar organizations. It's even possible you will have to shop for training kits after the adoption process is finalized!


#6 - Know When to Let Go

Sad dog with his owner

There will be times when the dogs, cats and other pets you're looking to adopt won't develop the connection that you'd like to have with them. You should learn to recognize when it's time to let go—meaning not finalizing the adoption and returning the dog or cat to the facility.

Do not feel bad when you return a dog or cat so long as you do it in good faith. Shelter staff and rescue volunteers know and understand how important it is to search for good homes for dogs and cats up for adoption. And they will do their best to help these pets find them.

Don't worry. Your search for the ideal adoptable cat, dog or other animal doesn't end here. There are a lot of pets that you can adopt. And you can visit your local shelters and rescues anytime, too!


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Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie Cyrenne


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