Pet Supplies: The Ultimate Guide To Pet Adoption 2023

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So you've finalized the adoption process and you're finally taking your new furry friend home! A significant part of pet adoption is to find loving homes for adoptable animals. Having the right supplies is a must to give your puppy or kitten (or whatever species of pet you're taking in) the best quality of life he deserves.

In this article, we'll go over the things you need to make your new best friend that he is in the right place. Make sure you read on because this is a sign that you're really determined to give your new four-legged pal the best quality of life!


Adoptable Pets Need the Correct Diet

golden retriever balancing his treats

Most pets from animal shelters and rescues (like the ones affiliated with ASPCA) will be quite stressed when they move to an entirely new environment. It's crucial that you get the exact same type of food the animal is used to eating—at least initially—when she's still staying with local shelters and rescue groups.


Adoption and nutrition

This is a highly important aspect of helping the animal adjust to living with you. Remember this when you adopt a cat or dog. Don't worry because you can modify your pet's diet as you go along. Keep in mind to shop for at least a week’s worth of the right food (and treats) to ensure the adjustment process goes smoothly.

Most rescues and local shelters in your location like ASPCA, Petfinder and PetSmart charities often partner up with featured shops to make things easier for you and your furry friend. You can also search for them online.


Not All Shelters Are Created Equal

girl poking her cat's nose

When you adopt pets, giving them good homes is essential. Contrary to popular belief, preparing a "good home" for adopted dogs and cats is not necessarily about going for the expensive stuff. You can simply fire up your search engine and look for a used cat dome, doggy gate and similar items!


Use Internet search to your advantage

Remember to get a decent-sized one that the animal can grow into. This will save you money in the long run as opposed to having to buy another when the animal gets bigger. Moreover, try to pick one that is easy to clean.

With Internet access, you can easily locate sturdy brands and high-quality items in your city that you can snag for cheap. And don't be too hard on yourself since this is a trial-and-error process. Most social media marketplaces these days have featured shops that you can check out, too.


Shop for the Right Accessories for Adoptable Animals

smiling dog

Always remember that comfort and safety should come first when it comes to pet accessories. Don't just search for looks when you get your hands on these things for your new dog or kitty. Now here are the things you should have on your checklist:


Food Bowls and Dispensers

Muzzle length is crucial when it comes to bowls and dispensers for dogs. There are also specialized ones for fast eaters and tall canines. Water dispensers should also suit your pet’s drinking style. A sign that you've got the wrong one is a lot of on-site spillage.


Leashes, Collars and Harnesses

Try to get one that really suits your new fur baby. I recommend going for something that your new four-legged companion is used to wearing when he was still at the shelter or rescue. Be very patient because a kitten, puppy or an older dog or cat you've acquired through adoption may not want to wear them immediately.


Clothes and Footwear

Some pets don't care about getting dressed up and would put up with anything you want. While this may mean an open declaration of war for others. Just like a person, dogs, cats and other pets will have different preferences, especially if you live in a different city or area.


Complete The Basics!

cat lying down

Stimulating an animal mentally is crucial in pet adoption. So is safety and hygiene. And boosting their immune system, too! Make sure that you have all the basics covered by checking off everything below:


Treats and Toys

Are treats and toys advisable? Of course, but to a minimum. A lot of people feel sorry for an animal with a history of being deprived, so they shower it with toys and treats. This does more harm than good because a dog or cat will be conditioned to beg or expect to get what he wants all the time.


Grooming Supplies and Added Protection

Cat picked up by a veterinarian

Shopping for grooming supplies is essential and yet it is often overlooked. You don’t want your cat or dog to get sick right after adoption, right? Besides grooming, make sure you also keep the following in mind:


Update The Animal’s Identification

Whether via microchip or a collar, it's crucial that the identification of the dogs and cats up for adoption is updated. It's not uncommon that some of these dogs and cats will panic and then run away after you adopt them. And believe me, the search for them can be tedious!


Get a First Aid Kit for Your Pet

Having a pet emergency kit can come in handy especially if you allow your dogs and cats outside. Additionally, make sure that you update your emergency pack to include some supplies for your newest family member if you live in an earthquake, hurricane or disaster-prone area.


A Final Word

Pet adoption is more than just providing your new furry friend shelter. It also means shopping for the right food, accessories, clothes and other essentials for your new pet whether you adopt via ASPCA, Petfinder or some other organization in the city or location wherever you may be in the country.

Did you enjoy this article? If you're looking to learn more tips for keeping your fur baby as healthy as can be through natural means, make sure you contact us right away.




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Suzie Cyrenne


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