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Suzie Cyrenne
Authored by Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie is a Certified Homeopath and Co-Founder of Zumalka
, specializing in natural and holistic remedies for pets.
- Mar 23, 2023


If you’re still on the fence about going for homeopathy when it comes to keeping your animal family member happy and healthy, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to answer a question that probably crossed your mind before:

Does homeopathy work in pets? If so, how does it work? Make sure you read this until the end because you’re going to learn a lot about pet homeopathy and how it can benefit your beloved furbaby.

Let’s start things off by finding out what homeopathy exactly is…


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is basically an alternative form of medicine that is founded on the philosophy that “like cures like.” It traces back its roots in Germany in the late 1700s and is anchored on the concept that the body can get rid of disease without relying on chemical-based treatments.

To give you a clearer picture on this, homeopathic medicine utilizes substances that stimulate similar symptoms of the illness when absorbed by the system. You can think of it as a way of “activating” the body’s natural immune response.

Besides being inspired by holistic practices, homeopathic remedies are also focused on the inherent medicinal properties of plants gathered straight from nature. These include mushrooms, leaves, roots, barks, flowers, seeds and similar natural ingredients.


The Various Ingredients and Intricate Processes Involved in Homeopathy

What’s really interesting is that even minerals like quartz or oyster shells are also used in making homeopathic remedies. From these natural ingredients a mother tincture is made, which then goes through the processes of “dilution” and “succussion.”

Dilution is the process where a substance is diluted with either alcohol or distilled water. It is also referred to in homeopathy as “potency.” The substance remains soaked in the alcohol or distilled water for a few days or a few weeks and then we regularly stir it. This is done to collect the active ingredients.

As for insoluble solids like quartz or oyster shells, they are ground up using lactose, for example, to prepare them for the dilution process. After dilution, the substance is then vigorously shaken. This process is called succussion.

This dilution and succussion is repeated until the desired result is achieved. The next step is called “formatting.” This is where the substance that went through dilution and succussion is transformed into powders, creams, pellets, tablets, sprays, gels, among others.


Pet Homeopathy Used To Be Very Widespread

Given its natural and gentle approach it did not take long before the homeopathy movement spread across Europe and then to the rest of the world. Soon, homeopathy for pets became widely available.

This already gives us an idea that homeopathy works in animals because there are clear indications that homeopathy was widely used in the practice of veterinary medicine in the 19th century. But the thing is that pet homeopathy declined when chemical-based pharmaceutical products became widely used in the following years.


Does Homeopathy REALLY Work in Pets?

The short answer is a resounding yes!

Like I shared with you earlier, homeopathy works by allowing an animal’s body to restore itself using natural means. What’s really amazing about the homeopathy approach is that the beneficial compounds gathered from natural ingredients are almost instantly absorbed by your pet’s body through the bloodstream.

Unlike those utilized in homeopathic treatments, the chemical-based active ingredients used in conventional medicine have a possibility to trigger very minimal amounts of damage to the cells and tissues along the way.

Although this damage may not be that extensive to produce immediate adverse consequences, they can potentially trigger negative side effects in the long run with continued use.

In other words, homeopathic medicine ideally sums up the phrase keeping it safe and natural. Just like we say at Zumalka: Naturally with you and your pet every step of the way!


A Few Testimonials from Happy Pet Parents

Yes, the truth is homeopathy does work in pets. Whether you have a cat or a dog or some other animal family member, homeopathic medicine gets the job done. But don’t just take my word for it.

Allow me to share a few words of gratitude and approval coming from pet parents who are already using homeopathic remedies from Zumalka…

First up is Lisa who has this to say about our TICKS & FLEAS product:

I first tried this for our cat. He had developed a flea allergy that was causing hair loss and patches on his hips and in front of his tail. Long ago, I’d heard that homeopathy works very well on cats. So I thought I would look for a remedy. So when I stumbled upon this, I had to try it. I didn’t expect much. Honestly, I thought the reviews were cherry-picked. I thought I’d end up looking for a herbal remedy or something, but gave it a try nonetheless.

Meanwhile, our dog, a Havanese, is a tick magnet. We had been giving him fleeing tick drops from the vet, but I didn’t feel good about it. Still, I didn’t know what to do because he gets a tick a day and sometimes, they come off him and end up on us.

I looked around for a natural alternative, but never found one that worked. It’s been two weeks and the cat’s fur is growing back into the missing patches. The dog has not gotten one tick at all since a daily squirt of this. It’s for real folks. This is a real review from a surprised and happy customer. It works, it works, it works. I’m so thrilled. I’m telling all my friends.

Thank you so much, Lisa!

Now here’s one from Lydia sharing her experience with our GUMHAPPY product:

When I got my Maine Coon, he was being fed a cheap chicken kibble, which was causing his gums to flare up. I switched him to raw immediately upon bringing him home, but after two months on raw still did not see an improvement in his gums.

I decided to try this GUMHAPPY product. After two weeks of using this, his gums have now turned completely pink and have no more inflammation. I highly recommend this product.

Well, I’m really happy to hear that, Lydia!

Finally, here’s a review from Sophie for our CORNEAL CARE and TONICPET products:

My dog, Spunky, has had a corneal ulcer for over three months and all this time I had been giving him prescription antibiotic eye drops from the vet. But the ulcer wasn’t going away. We have even been to an eye specialist and they recommended a keratectomy or even removal of the eye.

I found Zumalka and decided to give the products a try. I have been giving Spunky the CORNEAL CARE and TONICPET for just over a week now and I’m already seeing an improvement. Spunky’s eye is looking much better already.

These products are God-sent for Spunky and I’m so glad I found Zumalka. If I could give these products 10 stars, I would. I will certainly be looking at purchasing other products, for instance, once allergy season kicks in again. Thank you so much, Zumalka.

Well, thank you very much, Sophie!

I and the rest of the Zumalka team are very grateful for these kind words. Just remember that when it comes to keeping your pet happy and healthy, we’re always here for you.


A Handy Kit To Have In Your Pet Care Checklist

Now that you already have a “sneak preview” of the value of homeopathy for your pet, I’d just like to take this opportunity to present our HOME ESSENTIALS KIT. Emergency situations are not uncommon in a household with animal family members.

Potentially serious events like injury, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and accidental ingestion of poisonous things, among others, could happen to your pet the least you expect them to. When the unthinkable happens, it’s better to be prepared with the right homeopathic remedies.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that having a go to emergency HOME ESSENTIALS KIT for your beloved animal family member is definitely a must. It could even save your pet’s life. Never leave anything to chance when it comes to your pet. Now’s the time you got the peace of mind you’ve always wanted.

Having our HOME ESSENTIALS KIT basically gives you the assurance that your pet is always extra protected.


Final Word

You’ll be amazed with the things in store for you when you choose homeopathy. Make sure you connect with us today to check out the options that you can go for. You can contact us at any time to do just that.



About the author

Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie Cyrenne has dedicated more than 20 years of her life in making and improving natural animal health solutions in the global setting.

Being the co-founder of Zumalka, Suzie is a forerunner in enhancing the lives of pets through natural and homeopathic options using the knowledge she has gained from the Classical Homeopathy School in Quebec.

Through the guidance of her mother-in-law and fellow natural health expert, Denyse Lessard, Suzie constantly devotes herself to create premium pet products that are aimed at dealing with the root causes of wellness problems and not just their symptoms.

Besides immersing herself in books, personal development and visiting new places, Suzie also enjoys keeping herself in tiptop shape by snowboarding and taking daily hikes with her husband and Zumalka co-founder, Matt Lessard, and their Golden-Doodle, Westin.

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