Expert-Approved Grooming Techniques for Aging Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Suzie Cyrenne
Authored by Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie is a Certified Homeopath and Co-Founder of Zumalka
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- Aug 23, 2023

Apart from being considered one of the cuddliest herding dogs on Earth, senior Pembroke Welsh Corgis are also known for their double coat. This simply means that compared to other dogs, an aging Corgi's coat is composed of two layers: a more prominent outer coat and a denser undercoat.

Akin to most dogs whose breeds have double coats, frequent grooming is a must when it comes to a golden-aged Pembroke Welsh Corgi's lifestyle. However, a lot of pet parents seem to overlook this very important factor, which can lead to some issues sooner or later.

If you're looking to take your senior Corgi grooming know-how up a notch, you've come to the right place. We've put together this easy-to-follow blog post to get you in on the important details to have in your checklist. Make sure you follow along because we'll help you "brush" up on the things you need to know.


A Really Quick Reminder Before We Continue

senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi on outdoors

Before we go further, we'd just like to emphasize that "regular grooming" is not the same as "daily grooming." While there are some grooming practices that you may need to carry out every day, such as daily brushing to remove any loose hairs or dead hair, there are also others that you only need to do regularly but not on a day-to-day basis.

Examples of these include regular bathing for your much older dog as well as giving his fur trim. While bathing and trimming on a regular basis do have their benefits, particularly helping keep your pet's coat shiny and healthy, overdoing the whole thing will already result in dry, loose hair and bald spots sooner or later.


Why Grooming a Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi Matters

Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi relaxing on the couch

The biggest reason why grooming should be a priority in a golden-aged Pembroke Welsh Corgi's lifestyle is that neglecting it can lead to a number of physical and mental health issues. Unlike what a lot of people mistakenly think, paying little or no attention to grooming will not just trigger bad breath or fur tangles.

It can also cause adverse changes to your aging dog's good behavior as well as encourage the manifestation of potentially serious health issues like heart murmur, degenerative myelopathy and even Von Willebrand's disease (usually after a complete blood count) in very extreme cases. Giving your senior dog a routine brushing doesn't sound too tedious now, does it?


Risks of NOT Properly Grooming an Aging Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Applies to Senior Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Too)

senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi lying on the floor

We'd just like to highlight that senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi grooming is not just about making your aging dog look and smell good. Below are the consequences that you and your pet can possibly go through if you don't include regular grooming in your list of priorities:


Bad breath and unpleasant body odor

It's not uncommon for a Corgi pup or a much older dog to have bad breath every now and then. Your pooch will tend to have stinky breath after he eats certain types of food like dry kibble and canned edibles. However, this issue will take on a much more permanent aspect if you don't give your aging pet's mouth and teeth a consistent cleaning and brushing.

Additionally, missing out on regular bathing—it's really important to take note of the keyword "regular" and not "daily" for this one—can also lead to body itching, inflammation and even the possibility of parasitic infestations from fleas, ticks and mites.


Overgrown canine nails

Like many dogs, your senior Welsh Corgi can have overgrown nails if they are not trimmed routinely. Depending on their breed, size, age and overall health, canine nails can already become quite long after just a couple of weeks. Interestingly, this attribute is much more prominent among Corgi puppies and juvenile Corgis.

Besides being quite uncomfortable for your aging pet, especially when they've already become thick and fibrous, overgrown canine nails can also distort your dog's posture and gait. This can eventually put a lot of stress on your dog's spinal cord, back legs and joints in general.


Excessive shedding

Although an aging Pembroke Welsh Corgi is expected to frequently shed off his coat, particularly during the fall and spring, which are considered the heaviest shedding seasons of the year, the lack of grooming can abnormally speed up hair loss and may make coat care rather tricky.

Affected dogs may also develop red and pale white markings on their inner thighs, belly and neck area due to the accelerated hair loss. This is often caused by sudden or excessive skin exposure when your senior dog loses more hair in his coat or undercoat compared to how much he is able to grow back.


Ear health concerns

If your much older Corgi is anything like most dogs, chances are he is going to have an accumulation of moisture, wax, dirt and all sorts of other debris in his ears. And without the proper ear care and grooming, this can potentially set off irritation and inflammation in most cases.

A dog who has a weak immune system may also be at risk of ear infections like otitis interna, media and external. These are commonly indicated by swelling, redness as well as an unpleasant odor coming from the ears. It is crucial to take note that very severe cases of otitis can put your senior Corgi at risk of temporary or even permanent hearing loss.


Teeth and gum disease

Whether you have an aging Pembroke Welsh Corgi or his senior Cardigan Corgi cousin, neglecting proper oral and dental care can lead to a number of wellness problems that can affect your dog's health in a significant way.

Besides the usual pain and discomfort caused by tooth decay and gum disease, these oral and dental health concerns can also trigger cardiovascular issues as well as kidney and liver infections if not immediately and properly dealt with.


Top coat and undercoat tangling

While your regular Pembroke Welsh Corgi is not as big or hairy compared to dogs of a different herding breed, the fact that they have a double coat means that they can still be prone to fur tangling and matting without the proper grooming. These issues often manifest when shedding season comes, usually from March to May, and then September to November.


Drastic changes in mood and behavior

If we're being honest, a Corgi is a friendly and smart dog that will never say no to games and activities, especially when they involve mental stimulation. These dogs often show a lack of interest and aloofness when their grooming is neglected. Some even develop the habit of hiding under the furniture as a way to hide any pain or discomfort they may be experiencing.


The Benefits of Proper Grooming in Golden-Aged Pembroke Welsh Corgis

senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi getting combed

As we've emphasized earlier, proper Corgi grooming is not just about aesthetics. It also involves keeping clear from health problems that may negatively affect your dog's body. The following are the key benefits when it comes to having proper regular grooming on your checklist:


Improved overall mobility

Corgis remain very energetic and nimble up to their senior years. Having tangled or matted fur can significantly inhibit his overall movement. The same thing happens when his nails become overgrown. A regularly groomed Corgi isn't prone to these issues.


Better mental health

Proper grooming will not just make your much older Corgi look and feel good. It will also make him feel awesome. Just like regular exercise, grooming can make senior Corgis happier and more sociable because they consider it as bonding time with their moms and dads. This is also true for other dog breeds that require proper exercise.


Health issues are easier to spot

Simple brushing and cleaning of your golden-aged Pembroke Welsh Corgi's body can help you detect any irregularities in his skin, fur and undercoat. Excessive shedding can already be a sign of some health issues. Having a slicker brush can do wonders for your pet's hair, too! The same goes for his teeth and gums as well.


No sudden vet bills and expenses

Dogs tend to be very good at hiding pain and discomfort, especially infection in the ears and similar areas. Corgis are no exception. Regular brushing and cleaning help you avoid unexpected visits to the vet because you will always have a general overview of your state of health.


Peace of mind for dog parents

Knowing that your senior Corgi won't be in for health problems due to a lack of proper grooming gives you a sense of security and fulfillment. You will also experience the same positive emotions when you make regular grooming a priority for other pets.


Signs That Your Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi's Grooming Routine Needs Improvement

senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi feeling sad

There are signs that you will notice when your grooming regimen for senior Corgis isn't that effective. Below you will find the most common indicators that you need to improve your grooming strategy for your much older dog:


He is developing bald spots.

An aging Corgi has a double coat that can be prone to excessive shedding and hair loss in the form of bald spots if not taken care of properly. When these fur-related issues get out of hand, his skin may also be already affected.


He is displaying weakness and lethargy.

Senior Corgis who don't get to experience regular brushing and cleaning sessions may have matted coats that can significantly reduce mobility. These dogs can also possibly have overgrown nails that can make walking or running rather uncomfortable.


He becomes more susceptible to illness and other health problems.

A much older Corgi will be more prone to inflammations and infections—affecting the ears, gums, teeth and nails, among others—if his dog mom or dad neglects to routinely brush or comb his coat or give him a bath at least every month.


Top Grooming Tips for Aging Pembroke Welsh Corgis You Should Know (Also Suitable for a Much Older Cardigan Welsh Corgi)

senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi receiving a brushing

Now we've got all of that covered, allow us to walk you through the top grooming tips for much older Corgis. Interestingly, you can also apply these tips if you've got a Corgi puppy or a pooch from another breed:


Brush your dog's coat daily.

Daily brushing is perhaps the most straightforward way to groom your aging Corgi. All you need is a brush or comb and a few minutes to pull this off. Just remember to use the appropriate comb or brush for this application to make the experience as comfortable as possible for your pet.


Teeth should be cleaned every day.

Always make it a point to brush and clean your senior dog's teeth at the end of the day. Be sure to do this as thoroughly as you can since bits of food can get stuck in between his teeth and gums as well as under the tongue. It is highly recommended that you start this regimen right from when they are still puppies.


A bath is a monthly affair (unless really needed)

Giving your golden-aged Corgi a monthly bath is a must to get rid of any dirt and gunk that may have dug deep into his coat. Besides helping regulate shedding, this also gets rid of any accumulation of debris and even parasites in and around his ears. Using a hair dryer in its lowest setting afterward will significantly reduce drying time, too.


Always remember to be gentle and patient.

When grooming your senior Corgi (or any much older pet belonging to another breed), it is crucial that you do it as gently and patiently as you can. You can think of them as small children that need constant guidance. While you can't expect your aging pet to stay put all the time, being patient and gentle while at it can mean a whole lot of difference.


Reach out to a vet or a pet health professional as soon as you spot a problem.

Regardless if you've got an aging Corgi or a pooch from another breed, don't hesitate to contact a pet homeopathy expert or vet or when you notice any issues like excessive shedding, unpleasant odor coming from the ears as well as swelling in and around the mouth.


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