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High blood pressure or feline hypertension in cats is one of the health issues that your kitty can be at risk of at some point in his life. Not knowing how to properly deal with this problem can lead to serious or even fatal consequences.

Although this may sound surprising, feline high blood pressure is actually a manageable condition, provided that proper care and attention are immediately given to your pet. And yes, there is a chance that your kitty may be going through hypertension in cats right now.

Unlike what a lot of cat parents mistakenly think, though, treating hypertension is not just about resorting to conventional options like using a calcium channel blocker and other medications. We've put together this blog post to get you in on how to treat cat high blood pressure using natural means.

How about we start things off by having a quick preview of what high blood pressure in cats is?


What is High Blood Pressure in Cats?

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Just like in humans, your cat may experience abnormal blood flow that significantly increases the pressure in the blood vessels. While increased blood pressure is not automatically indicative of feline hypertension, chances are your pet is suffering from this condition if it is persistent.

At its simplest, your cat's blood pressure involves two key elements: systolic blood pressure (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP). The former measures the flow of blood in the arteries and blood vessels when the heart beats or when the heart contracts, while the latter measures the same when the heart is at rest in between beats.

But the thing is that there are two (2) types of cats with high blood pressure, namely primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. Apart from having distinct causes, they also have different triggers or causes. We will discuss these more in detail below:

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Primary hypertension

This type of hypertension in cats has no distinct or specific cause. Besides being deemed as a multi-factorial health issue, it is also not triggered by an underlying disease. It is also referred to as "idiopathic hypertension" or "essential hypertension."

Secondary hypertension

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On the other hand, this type of feline hypertension can be attributed to some common disease or illness. Healthy blood pressure may be disrupted during the disease process of an underlying condition. Examples of health problems that set this off include chronic kidney disease, cardiac disease, and heart disease.

Regardless of the type of hypertension your feline friend is experiencing, we'd just like to reiterate that high blood pressure can lead to serious or fatal consequences in many cats if left untreated.

Some possible scenarios that can happen when you fail to control blood pressure in cats include kidney damage, retinal detachment, congestive heart failure, an enlarged thyroid gland, as well as issues affecting the nervous system.


What are the Clinical Signs that a Cat's Blood Pressure is Not Normal?

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There are several early signs that pet parents should keep in mind when it comes to high blood pressure in cats. Should you notice the following symptoms, chances are your cats blood pressure is too high:

  • Bouts of confusion

  • Unexpected weight loss

  • Decreased appetite

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Increased water consumption and urination

  • Sudden blindness

  • Displays persistent signs of stress and anxiety

  • Abnormal heart sounds

  • Dilated pupils

  • Unexplained changes in behavior

  • Presence of underlying diseases that can target organ damage like a tumor or cancer

It is crucial to consult with a pet wellness expert or veterinary professionals immediately as soon as you observe these symptoms. Your cat's chances of successfully overcoming hypertension and its effects are significantly high if it is treated with medication or managed during its early stages.

Regular visits and consultations with the vet or a pet homeopathy expert can also help a lot.


What Causes Normal Blood Pressure in Cats to Increase?

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As explained earlier, there are two types of hypertension in cats that can disrupt normal blood pressure, particularly primary hypertension and its secondary counterpart.

Although both types pertain to an abnormal amount of force of blood pushing in a cat's blood vessels, the cause of primary hypertension is unknown. We'd just like to emphasize that primary hypertension does not just affect older cats or senior cats.

As for hypertension in cats that is secondary, the most common causes include issues with the kidneys, heart function, and the thyroid gland.

Diabetes is deemed as a less common underlying cause, while issues affecting the central nervous system and the adrenal glands are considered rare as regards causing high blood pressure.

Conventional treatment options and similar medication should be administered immediately to keep high blood pressure in check.

This is also to prevent your cat from being susceptible to other adverse effects of this health problem, such as sudden blindness and the possible worsening of heart and kidney disease, among others.


How is Hypertension or High Blood Pressure in Cats Diagnosed?

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The most common form or method to check blood pressure in felines is by using an inflatable cuff that is placed around the tail or the leg of your pet. This is often done in the vet's office. Your veterinary clinic may also utilize an oscillometric tool or a Doppler ultrasound device for this application.

Interestingly, a cat's blood pressure is measured the same way in humans, specifically millimeters of mercury (mmHg). Systolic blood pressure (SBP) is measured first, then diastolic blood pressure (DBP) goes next.

The normal blood pressure in most cats is 140 mmHg below (SBP) and 90 mmHg below (DBP). However, these values may vary if your cat is afflicted with common diseases or taking certain medications.

Regardless of the values that you may be getting, knowing the signs and symptoms of feline high blood pressure is crucial.


How to Treat High Blood Pressure in Cats Naturally

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Dealing with high blood pressure in cats is not just about getting your hands on conventional medicines. There are actually simple and practical home remedies you can use at home to help your cat during this wellness issue:

Improve your cat's diet.

Just like in humans, hypertension in cats can be managed by improving the quality of your pet's food intake. One of the most straightforward strategies that you can use is to significantly reduce the amount of salt in your kitty's diet.

Make it a point to be very thorough with the cat food you're using, especially if they possibly have extra amounts of salt or sodium in them. This is especially true when it comes to canned meat or fish flakes packed in brine.

Introduce a low-impact exercise routine.

cat standing on its two feet

Having a regular low-impact exercise regimen is recommended for cats suffering from high blood pressure. Besides not subjecting your pet to unwanted fatigue, it also helps your pet maintain a healthy heart and ideal blood flow in his body.

Are you having a tricky time zeroing in on the best low-impact exercises and similar activities for your feline best friend?

Help your cat properly deal with stress and anxiety.

High blood pressure or hypertension can be one of the symptoms that a cat is going through anxiety issues or high levels of stress. Some signs of these mental health problems that you need to keep in mind include extreme reactions to loud noises and sudden movements, as well as excessive vocalization. Here are some straightforward tips to deal with cat anxiety.

Boosting cat immunity helps a lot.

Cats suffering from an underlying disease, particularly one affecting the kidneys or the heart, may be prone to high blood pressure. This condition may also be a side effect of a conventional treatment or medication that your pet may be taking. One way of helping your kitty keep clear from health problems is to give his overall immune system a boost.



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How do I get my cat's blood pressure down?

While the most popular option when it comes to dealing with high blood pressure in cats is by taking conventional medication or treatment, such as calcium channel blockers, beta blockers, and angiotensin II receptor antagonists, among others, this condition can also be treated by introducing positive lifestyle and diet changes.

Can high blood pressure cause a stroke in cats?

The short answer is yes. However, the occurrence of strokes in cats is significantly lower compared to that of humans. The possibility of a kitty being prone to a stroke due to high blood pressure is when he is also suffering from underlying diseases like those affecting the heart and kidneys.

How do you check a cat's blood pressure at home?

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The most hassle-free way of checking your cat's blood pressure at home is by using a veterinary blood pressure cuff. Always remember to be very mindful of the signs and symptoms of feline hypertension before deciding to administer conventional medication since it can have a counterproductive effect.


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