Nutrition Guide: Top Diet Tips for Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Suzie Cyrenne
Authored by Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie is a Certified Homeopath and Co-Founder of Zumalka
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- Aug 16, 2023

A proper diet plays a crucial role in giving your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi the best quality of life he deserves during his golden years. Besides helping your aging dog keep clear from health problems, going for the right dog foods also ensures that he will stay happy and energetic. This is why a much older Corgi's diet should not be a guessing game.

However, a lot of pet parents mistakenly think that making their senior Pembroke Welsh Corgis eat the right stuff is just about choosing a popular commercial dog food brand and following the instructions on the label. As early as now, we'd like to point out that pulling the whole thing off is much more than that.

The biggest reason why we've put together this blog post is to provide aging Pembroke Welsh Corgi moms and dads a comprehensive guide on how to really make their senior dog's diet ideal. Let's say it's a senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi feeding guide of some sort with some useful and practical bits and pieces added in for good measure.

How about we start things off by having a quick walkthrough on why it is very important to give your much older Pembroke Welsh Corgi the diet his body really needs?


Why the Right Diet Matters for Your Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi sitting on a couch.Do you remember how fussy you used to be with feeding your Corgi puppy? Or how about when your pooch became an adult Pembroke Welsh Corgi? This meticulousness should go all the way up to the time your dog reaches his senior years. This is a crucial life stage when providing your aging pet with a balanced diet is not just about nutrition—it may even help add more years to your golden-aged canine friend's lifespan!

Contrary to what many dog owners believe, giving your older pooch the balanced diet he needs involves more than choosing the "best dog food" available. This primarily calls for maximizing the nutritional value of what your senior dog eats to support the proper functioning of his body, particularly giving him all the essential vitamins and high-quality protein that he can get.

On the other hand, this can be pretty tricky to pull off if your more-than-adult Welsh Corgi is a picky eater. And just to make things even more challenging, you also have to do this while taking note of underlying health conditions like a sensitive stomach to hip and elbow dysplasia.

But there's no need to worry just yet. We'll give you the lowdown on how to serve your older canine companion the best food for his age each time in just a bit. There are just some quick preliminary matters that we need to take up so you can really get the whole picture as regards the ideal senior dog's diet.


Health Risks Aging Pembroke Welsh Corgis Can Be Prone To Without the Proper Diet

A senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi on the floor.As we've pointed out earlier, senior Pembroke Welsh Corgis become more vulnerable to a number of health concerns if they're not getting optimal nutrients from their dog food. What's really alarming is that these health problems tend to worsen over time and may even lead to very serious wellness issues before you know it.

Here are some of the most common health issues that your aging Pembroke Welsh Corgi could be in for if he's not getting the natural nutrition he needs to keep his body in tiptop shape. Make sure your consult a vet or a pet health professional immediately as soon as these health concerns get into the picture:



Simply leaving the dog food of your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi to chance makes him susceptible to gaining weight in an unexpected manner. If this issue is not properly taken care of, the whole thing could eventually lead to obesity, which tends to put a lot of strain on your older dog's lungs and heart, not to mention other serious health problems.

Additionally, diabetes is also a common health concern among obese senior dogs. Besides exposing your golden-aged pet to a lot of complications, which range from cataracts to nerve damage, managing this chronic disease can also be very demanding. It's crucial that you keep a close eye on your dog's weight.


Muscle loss

Your aging dog's nutrition primarily comes from his regular diet. Regardless of the type or brand of the "best dog food" you're serving your pet, he will be at risk of muscle wasting or the loss of lean muscle mass if he's not getting the right portions as well as the appropriate amounts of vitamins, minerals and similar beneficial sustenance.

Apart from setting off a caloric deficiency, the wrong diet can also lead to very minimal absorption of protein, which plays a key role in the production and repair of muscle tissues. In extreme cases, the body of a senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi will even break down muscle in an accelerated manner to use it as an emergency source of energy.


Bone and joint health issues

Purebred dogs like Pembroke Welsh Corgis require the best food that supports their overall bone and joint health. It's not uncommon to see these very active dogs move a lot! Due to their very energetic nature, these dogs can be potentially vulnerable to deficiencies in essential nutrients that affect their joints and bones if their regular diet isn't up to par.

Protein and vitamin D are two of the most important nutrients that your senior pooch needs to keep his bones and joints in good shape. Moreover, improper senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi feeding practices like preparing the wrong type of food or not keeping an eye on your pet's phosphorus and calcium intake will also result in joint-related and bone problems.


Weakened overall immune system

Your aging Corgi's diet is directly linked to his overall immune system health. And it really doesn't matter if your dog's meals consist of the priciest options available. So long as he's not getting the right type and portions—there are even some pet parents that use puppy food or those specifically formulated for juvenile and young adult Pembroke Welsh Corgis to cut on costs—his immune system will be significantly affected.

Whether you're using dry food or wet food (this applies to raw food and grain-free food, too), make sure that it has all the stuff your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi needs to maintain an ideal immune system. It serves as his first line of defense against disease and illnesses, which can have fatal consequences if not properly supported.

Additionally, the lack of essential nutrients can also make inherited health issues in Pembroke Welsh Corgis like Von Willebrand's disease, progressive retinal atrophy and hip dysplasia more prominent, not to mention other typical conditions during this particular dog-based life stage like spinal cord issues, intervertebral disc disease and degenerative myelopathy.


Vulnerability to dehydration

One of the biggest myths about dog foods is that simply serving much older Pembroke Welsh Corgis wet food already curbs the risk of dehydration. Although wet dog food has a much higher moisture content, about 70% to 80% on average, it still won't provide your senior canine pal the ideal amount of hydration he needs by itself.

Moreover, this also applies to a raw food diet or when introducing new food to your aging dog. As a rule, always have fresh water available for your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Remember not just to top it up, but completely replace it each day, preferably during the morning and evening. Using water bowls with the right size and height also significantly helps.


Gastrointestinal concerns

Habitually serving your golden-aged Pembroke Welsh Corgi an improper diet will eventually lead to adverse health conditions, particularly digestive issues. Common digestion-related problems include malabsorption of nutrients, vomiting, constipation, and gassiness, not to mention diarrhea in more severe cases.

Surprisingly, some dog owners make the mistake of serving food formulated for Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppies or younger adult Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Sure these may still be technically "dog food," but they will not provide your senior pet with the nutrients that support his overall wellness. Besides being at risk of sudden weight loss, your senior pooch can also be prone to heart disease while at it.


Dental health problems

Akin to their close relative, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Pembroke Welsh Corgis are very prone to dental health issues like bad breath, accumulation of tartar and plaque as well as tooth decay if they're on an improper diet. These can even progress to more serious problems like periodontal disease and dental abscesses if not immediately and properly taken care of.

It is important to take note that most of these dental issues typically get in the picture if you don't keep a close eye on what aging Pembroke Welsh Corgis eat. As early as now, we'd just like to emphasize that what may be the best food for one beyond-adult Welsh Corgi might not be true for another dog in the same breed.


The Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi Diet: Raw Dog Food vs. Manufactured Food

Raw dog food being prepared.During your quest to find the best dog food for senior Pembroke Welsh Corgis, it's highly like that you've already encountered the terms "raw food diet," aside from the usually common "manufactured" varieties. If you're still having a tricky time choosing which one to go for, let's discuss the pros and cons of each one for this part of our discussion:


Let's first check out raw food (also known as the "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food" or BARF diet):


  • Helps avoid potential allergic reactions caused by some ingredients in manufactured dog food

  • Abundant in vitamins and minerals in its purest (and not synthesized) forms

  • Consists of a wide variety of options like raw meat, fruits, vegetables, and even bones

  • Encourages the production of saliva, which helps keep bad bacteria at bay

  • Can be more enticing, especially to picky eaters


  • May be prone to food-borne health issues like E. coli, norovirus and salmonella due to their raw state

  • Hard pieces (especially small bones) can be potential choking hazards

  • Raw dog food can be a bit costly and time-consuming to prepare

  • May be rather difficult to gauge the appropriate ratios for your senior dog's needs

Now let's have a look at manufactured dog food this time:


  • Very convenient to prepare and serve

  • Has a longer shelf life when properly stored

  • Provides several varieties (e.g. flavors and shapes) to choose from

  • Offers a cheaper price range


  • Can contain preservatives and additives

  • Might have fillers, such as wheat, sweet potato and maize, that your senior dog may be allergic to

  • Some brands may contain shady ingredients

  • Recalls and similar controversies are common for manufactured dog food


How About Wet Dog Food vs. Dry Dog Food for Golden-Aged Pembroke Welsh Corgis?

Dry dog food being served.While we're on the topic of the best food for much older Pembroke Welsh Corgis, we also need to examine the pros and cons of wet food as compared to dry food. Below are their respective advantages and disadvantages:


Let's start things off with wet dog food:


  • Easier to chew and swallow

  • Has a higher moisture content

  • Friendlier to your aging pet's digestion

  • Can be stored for long periods


  • Has a higher price tag compared to its dry counterpart

  • Will not stimulate saliva production as much

  • Should be consumed immediately after the package is opened

  • May develop a picky eating habit if used exclusively


Next, let's go over dry dog food:


  • Easy storage and portability

  • Offers a wide variety of flavor options

  • Formulated for a specific age group (e.g. puppies, adult dogs, senior canines)

  • Encourages saliva production through constant chewing


  • Can make senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi feeding habits excessive if not measured properly

  • May contain additives and preservatives

  • Possibly have fillers like corn and soy that your dog may be allergic to

  • Lower moisture content can potentially set off dehydration


Signs of Malnutrition in Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgis

A senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi playing outside.Malnutrition is one of the biggest health concerns that a senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi can possibly encounter during his golden years. And given the energy and enthusiasm this dog breed has, it can be a bit tricky if your aging pet is already suffering from this problem. There's no need to worry just yet, though. We've made a quick checklist for you below:


Unexplained weight loss

Perhaps the most common sign that there is something wrong with your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi feeding strategy is unexpected weight loss. While it is not uncommon that your aging pet will lose some of his healthy weight during this life stage, not choosing the ideal beyond-adult food for him will inadvertently accelerate the process since he's not properly absorbing the essential nutrients he needs.


Excessive shedding and dry coat

Healthy fats (like the ones in fish oil) and protein play an important role in hair growth as well as the healing of skin tissues. Given that this dog breed is much fluffier than its Cardigan Welsh Corgi cousin, you will also notice that your senior pet's skin will be drier and his coat rather drab if he is malnourished. Providing your aging pet with all the nutrients he needs is a must to keep his skin and coat in tiptop shape.


Sudden digestive upsets

Much older Pembroke Welsh Corgis tend to be prone to unexpected gastrointestinal issues when they aren't getting the ideal nutrition their bodies require to function properly. These include bloating, flatulence, erratic bowel movement as well as bouts of vomiting and diarrhea.

Moreover, a commonly overlooked trigger of these health issues is feeding the wrong type of food to a senior Welsh Corgi. Examples are puppy food or those that are designed for juveniles and young adult food. You can also look at it this way: how much nourishment can you get if you only get to eat baby food each day?


Weakness and moodiness

The lack of essential vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients in a senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi's diet can slow down his brain's ability to maintain its ideal functions. One of these functions is balancing hormonal levels so your pet won't be vulnerable to neurologic abnormalities sooner or later.

Significant indicators that your golden-aged dog is going through a neurologic abnormality is a sudden change in behavior—particularly choosing to hide and skulk instead of socializing with other pets and humans—as well as appearing lethargic most of the time.


Longer healing and recovery period

Contrary to what a lot of people mistakenly believe, the term "nutrition" isn't just about ensuring that your aging Pembroke Welsh Corgi is getting adequate portions of his food and water on a regular basis and maintaining a healthy weight. It primarily involves making sure that your much older dog is loading up on all the protein, fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals he needs.

Your senior dog's body will require a lot of nutrients to repair damaged tissues, encourage hair growth and fend off infections. There's even a possibility that his body will break down muscle to use as an emergency energy source if these nutrients are running low.


Top Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi Diet Tips You Should Know

A senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi getting ready to eat.Setting up an appropriate diet regimen for aging Pembroke Welsh Corgis is not as complicated as you think. There are just a few very important tips you need to keep in mind to realize the whole thing. Below you will find the most crucial things to consider with respect to your much older dog's diet:


#1. Consistency is key.

Be sure to have a consistent feeding schedule for your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He should have his daily meals at set times without fail. Akin to all dogs, your aging pooch is a stickler for routine and failing to do so will not just make him prone to starvation, but also increase his chances of developing anxiety. You can also use a dog food dispenser with a built-in timer if you have a busy schedule.


#2. Know your pet's preferences.

Just like us humans, much older Pembroke Welsh Corgis also tend to have preferences as regards the food they'd like to eat. This is the reason why it's smart to experiment with your senior pet's meals from time to time. Apart from mixing up his options (you can alternate wet food and dry food every other day), we also recommend mixing food types every now and then to determine which one he really likes.


#3. Consult a vet or a pet nutritionist.

Always remember to reach out to a pet homeopathy expert or vet first before making significant changes to your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi's diet. A good example of this is abruptly switching from wet/dry dog food to raw food. Factors like overall wellness and underlying health conditions—especially allergies—have to be initially determined to prevent any unwanted adverse effects along the way.


#4. It's always quality over quantity.

A lot of dog parents seem to overlook the fact that it's not about how much you're feeding a senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi that really counts. You're simply making him exposed to the possibility of weight gain in the process. Besides making it a point to thoroughly measure your pet's portions, only go for dog food types and varieties that are specifically formulated for your much older pet. The same goes for occasional treats and snacks.


#5. Keep an eye on your dog's caloric intake.

Compared to their much younger counterparts, golden-aged Pembroke Welsh Corgis won't need as much food to stay full or to give them energy. While there isn't an exact rule of thumb as regards food servings, see to it that it's neither too much nor too little. One straightforward tip we'd like to share is keeping an eye on your aging pet's leftovers.


#6. Hydration is essential.

As we've highlighted earlier, simply giving your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi wet dog food on a regular basis isn't enough to take care of his hydration needs. Your aging pet still needs to have constant access to fresh water no matter how much moisture content his wet food has. Just to reiterate, it is not enough to top up your older dog's water bowl. Totally refilling it with fresh water every single day is the way to go.


Is Having the Right Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi Diet Already Enough?

A senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi out on a walk.While this may sound surprising, just having the right diet for your much older Pembroke Welsh Corgi is still insufficient to help him stay in tiptop shape. He also needs a regular workout to complement the same. However, it is important to take note that the exercises you should go for must be appropriate for his age so he can keep clear from possible injuries.

A quick note: the typical senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi daily exercise should not be less than thirty (30) minutes and must not be beyond one (1) hour. This is crucial to avoid over-exercising your golden-aged pooch. It is also important to be always observant of his body language while you're at it since a Pembroke Welsh Corgi won't say no to games and activities, regardless of age.


Simple Exercise Pointers for Your Aging Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi playing on the beach.Below are a few low-impact exercise ideas for senior Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Just remember to take into consideration the factors of intensity and time so your aging pet will enjoy all the benefits of regular exercise without the risk of injury and similar issues:



What's really interesting about swimming is that it can give your senior Welsh Corgi a complete body workout without pushing him to his limit. You can either do this using an inflatable pool or in a small body of water like a pond or creek. And no matter what you do, always keep an eye on your much older pet during your swimming session to keep untoward incidents at bay.


Simple agility or obstacle course

Pembroke Welsh Corgis are naturally agile and curious. This is the reason why they really love to be engaged in activities where they can make use of their brain power while negotiating jumps, turns and tunnels at the same time. Setting up a simple agility or obstacle course in your living room or backyard using pillows, blankets and similar household items will already get the job done.


Tug-of-war and puzzle toys

Never underestimate your aging Pembroke Welsh Corgi because he's still got a lot of fight in him, especially if you engage him in a game of tug-of-war. A three-minute bout will already help your senior pet get the physical and mental stimulation he needs, without any overexertion on his part. Another option is to go for puzzle toys. We recommend those that dispense food since they will be much more enjoyable and satisfying for your canine pal.


A Natural Immune Booster for Senior Pembroke Welsh Corgis You Should Check Out

Zumalka's IMMUNOPET is designed to support and maintain the immune system as a whole. Besides helping increase hemoglobin levels and acting as a purifier of blood and lymph nodes, this premium natural product is also formulated to improve white blood cells, which is the body's first line of defense against disease, illness and infections.

If you're still having a tricky time zeroing in on a natural support product that favors your senior Pembroke Welsh Corgi's natural immunity, IMMUNOPET is one option that you should consider including in your pet care checklist.


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