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Evie the Vegan Dog sounds like a superhero, doesn’t she? Well, we can assure you that she is. Every companion animal is a hero to his or her human sidekick. And Evie is no exception.

So when Whitney realized that Evie was getting up there in age, she was happy to take any effort to help her pet age gracefully and have a chance at a longer life.


About Evie and her human companion

When we first started talking to Whitney, we learned a lot about Whitney, Evie and vegan diets for dogs. It’s a thing. And although it’s not common, Evie’s vets have always been on board and have remarked at her excellent health.

Since Whitney is an advocate of natural healing for companion animals, she was eager to try our Complete Detox Package for her 7-year-old furry friend.

And this is the part where we’d love to tell you that the Complete Detoxification Package gave Evie super-canine powers. It would make a great story, wouldn’t it?

But what actually happened is better… at least, in our opinion.



What happened to Evie after trying our products

After a short time on the Complete Detox Package, Evie shed the minor irritations that had afflicted her. She seemed to be less itchy, and if you’ve ever had poison ivy, you know that itch relief is a great thing. She was also chewing at her body less and seemed to have lost the hotspots that had previously bothered her.

Whitney was also pleased with the results of the probiotics that are part of the package. This may not be pleasant to discuss, but we can get a good indication of how well our pets’ digestive systems are working when we’re cleaning up after them in the yard. And let’s just say that Whitney noticed a difference.

Why this package works for Evie

One of the reasons why we wanted to get Whitney’s opinion on our Detox Package was because of Evie’s reasonably good health. We’ve seen many cases where pets recover from a condition and the results of our products are obvious. But we know that our products aren’t just for “sick” animals. They are designed to help all pets become happier and healthier versions of themselves.

At seven years old, Evie is a perfect candidate for our Complete Detox Package. She has led a relatively healthy life, but that includes being exposed to environmental toxins and getting over a few acute illnesses with the help of antibiotics.

Now was the perfect time to cleanse her system in an effort to boost immunity and help her body work more efficiently. You see, our products aren’t cures. They simply help the body do what it was designed to do, and that’s to clear toxins and stay healthy. Over time, systems get bogged down and sluggish, and that’s when homeopathic products are most helpful.



Whitney’s experience with Zumalka

We like to know that our customers are pleased with every aspect of their experience with us, so we asked Whitney for her thoughts. Thankfully, she was very kind and has recommended our products and service to her audience (as you can see from the video). In her own words, one of the things she loved about our company is, “they really care.” And that’s true. We definitely care.

Peace of mind. Boosting immune systems and cleansing the body. Just as she would do for herself.

Just as we know that Evie is a superhero, we know that your pet is too. So if you’d like to learn more about our Complete Detox Package to help restore his or her health, click here.


Denyse Lessard
Denyse Lessard

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