What You Really Need to Know About HPUS On Our Products’ Labels

What You Really Need to Know About HPUS On Our Products’ Labels


Did you know that there’s one quick way to determine if the homeopathic support you’re giving to your pet is the real deal just like all of Zumalka’s products? And while this may sound surprising, it’s not just about the ingredients used.

There is actually one very significant attribute you have to take note of when choosing a particular homeopathic product that will help you distinguish the best from the rest. Make sure you read this all the way through because I’m sure you’re going to be amazed with what I’m going to share in just a bit.

Let’s start things off by having a quick overview of what pet homeopathy is…


What is Pet Homeopathy?

Unlike what a lot of people mistakenly believe, homeopathy in pets isn’t a new concept at all. This alternative form of medicine traces its roots in Germany in the late 1700s and primarily involves the use of natural ingredients to help your pet deal with disease.

What makes homeopathy entirely unique compared to chemical-based conventional medicine is the fact that it does not attack the illness or health issue that your pet may be afflicted with.

Instead, homeopathy supports and boosts your pet’s immune system health so it becomes more resilient to disease and similar problems.

Besides promoting a much stronger immune system rather than just focusing on a particular wellness problem, another significant advantage that you can get from this alternative form of medicine is its straightforward and almost effortless administration.

Sure beats cutting pills, measuring over-the-counter medications and several other similar cumbersome tasks just to get the right dose for your pet, don’t you think?

Now we’ve got that out of the bag, let’s touch on how homeopathy works in pets next…


How Homeopathy Works in Pets

Like I previously explained earlier, pet homeopathy promotes a much stronger immune system to increase your dog’s or cat’s resilience against a wide array of diseases and not just against a specific health issue.

Allow me to use a quick analogy to give you a much simpler perspective of homeopathy in pets…

You can think of your pet’s body as a house. As we all know, the most crucial part when it comes to building a house is its foundation. Unless the foundation is constructed as properly and strongly as it should, it’s highly likely that a house could be in for some nasty surprises in the long run.

Compared to conventional medicines that are designed to only provide therapeutic effects for a particular health issue, which can be likened to that of a quick fix for our house, pet homeopathic options offer a more comprehensive approach.

Instead of just focusing on a single illness, homeopathy is geared towards boosting your pet’s overall immune system health so it won’t be easily vulnerable to disease and similar afflictions.

In short, homeopathy in pets basically helps give your furbaby a solid “foundation” so you can give him the quality of life he truly deserves. I hope that gives you a clearer view of what homeopathy really aims to achieve.

Next, let’s discuss if pet homeopathy has side effects…


Does Pet Homeopathy Have Side Effects?

The short answer is no.

Pet homeopathy has no side effects at all when administered to your furbaby. What really sets premium pet homeopathic products—such as those made by Zumalka—apart from conventional medicines is the fact that they have no chemical components.

Our homeopathic support products for pets are only made from high-quality natural ingredients like mushrooms, leaves, roots, barks, flowers, seeds, among others. They only provide soothing and comfort and none of the adverse side effects that are commonly associated with conventional medicines.

And speaking of finding out how to know if the homeopathic support you’re giving your pet is the real deal, here’s what “HPUS” means on Zumalka’s product labels…


What HPUS means on our Product Labels

For starters, “HPUS” means Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States. It is basically a book that provides all the necessary standards a certain homeopathic preparation or product has to possess before it can be deemed as legitimate.

Apart from having detailed instructions on the approved ingredients as well as the accepted preparation methods, the HPUS also imposes strict quality control guidelines to only realize homeopathic products that are not just safe, but reliable at all times.

What’s really interesting is that this publication began in 1897 and is still updated up to now using more rigorous and technologically-advanced procedures to only provide the best of the best when it comes to homeopathic products.

And just to emphasize, the HPUS considers homeopathic products as drugs under the law. Unless these strict standards are rigidly observed, they can never be affiliated with or duly considered as part of the HPUS coverage.

So whenever you see HPUS in Zumalka’s product labels, it just goes to show that you’re giving your pet homeopathic support that are not just made with premium natural ingredients, but also assure utmost safety, quality and reliability.


An Example to Guide You

You can easily see the HPUS on the label of our PIPTOPET. This premium natural product is designed to boost your pet’s immune system health so he won’t be easily vulnerable to diseases, especially those associated with a high count of unhealthy cells

PIPTOPET is made from the mushroom called Fomitopsis betulina, which is scientifically-proven to have anticancer properties. It’s also packed with other excellent benefits that help strengthen your pet’s immune system, improve his overall health and realize a better quality of life.



Get In on the RIGHT Info about Pet Homeopathy Now

If you’ve just come across homeopathy only recently and you’re looking to find out more how to maximize this alternative form of medicine in keeping your pet healthy and happy, make sure you CONTACT US right away.

Besides being excited to hear from you, we’d also like to help you give your pet the best natural care and support when he’s feeling under the weather. Our team of pet homeopathy specialists are ready to give you a hand in achieving the quality of life you’ve always wanted for your furbaby at any time.

Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie Cyrenne is a certified Homeopath with over ten years of experience creating natural products for cats and dogs. She co-founded eCommerce brand, Zumalka in 2013 with her husband Matt and is on a mission to help thousands of animals naturally improve their quality of life and shares her experience on their popular YouTube show. Hence, she created a line of high-performance natural pet supplements to target the root cause of common health issues. Suzie was influenced by her mother-in-law, who practiced homeopathy and made natural remedies from home. After being on prescriptions for many years for a skin issue without resolution, she wanted to try something new. Her problems were cleared up within a few months of dedication to a better diet supplemented by homeopathic remedies. That's when she knew that homeopathy worked! During this process, she wondered why there weren't better options for pets and soon created a popular line of natural remedies that have helped thousands of pets across the USA. When she’s not traveling or reading the next personal development book, you can find Suzie snowboarding, working out, or enjoying a daily hike.

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June 21, 2023

Hi Deb, sorry to hear about your pet’s diagnosis. We have sent you a questionnaire via email so that the homeopath can recommend targeted products for your pet’s issues. Hope to hear from you soon !


June 21, 2023

I really like knowing more about the homeo medicines for my furbaby. He has FIV and I do not understand why they have a drug for humans with HIV, but nothing for animals with the same disease. I am wanting to find something to help my cat. He is 7 yrs old and he was found in a field and they tested him at the shelter and said he has FIV. So I adopted him to keep him alive. So any help is appreciated.

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