Your Quick Guide to NATURAL Dog Skin Cancer Home Remedies

Your Quick Guide to NATURAL Dog Skin Cancer Home Remedies


As a pet parent myself, I know how devastating it is to find out that your dog has skin cancer. It’s one of the most heartbreaking things to hear ever. Now while skin cancer in dogs may be a very serious disease, it doesn’t mean that all hope is already lost.

There are actually natural dog skin cancer home remedies that you can go for in terms of supporting your pet during this illness. But before we discuss what these home remedies are, let’s first talk about the different types of skin cancer in dogs…


The Different Types of Dog Skin Cancer

There are actually several types of skin cancer in dogs. However, we will just focus on the three (3) most common types in our discussion, particularly malignant melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and mast cell tumor.


First up is malignant melanoma.

Malignant melanoma is characterized by raised bumps around a dog’s nail beds, mouth and lips. This type of skin cancer typically attacks cells called melanocytes that contain melanin, which is a natural skin pigment.

While any dog breed can be at risk of malignant melanoma, Scottish Terriers and Schnauzers are considered to be more prone to this disease. Additionally, male dogs are more vulnerable to this type of skin cancer.


Next on our list is squamous cell carcinoma.

Squamous cell carcinoma affects the outermost or top layer of a dog’s skin. This type of skin cancer in dogs usually produces firm, fuzzy patches on the abdomen, lower legs, foot pads, and head. This type of dog skin cancer growth is more prevalent in Basset Hounds, Standard Poodles, Dalmatians, as well as Bull Terriers that are mostly white in color.


Finally, we have mast cell tumor.

This type of skin cancer in dogs attacks immune system cells called mast cells. Although a mast cell tumor can manifest anywhere on a dog’s body, it can be usually found in and around the chest, lower abdomen, and the limbs. Golden Retrievers, Boston Terriers, and Boxers are said to be the most vulnerable to mast cell tumors.

Now we’ve got that covered, let’s talk about the symptoms of dog skin cancer…


The Symptoms of Skin Cancer in Dogs

Skin cancer in dogs is typically characterized by unexplained bumps, warts, and masses on a dog’s body. Its manifestations can also take on the form of lesions or rubbery bulges that can be gray, dark brown, or pink in color.

And in addition to these, your dog can also show physical and movement difficulties such as limping or having trouble opening and closing his mouth like in the case of malignant melanoma. While this may sound surprising, chronic bad breath can also be an indicator of dog skin cancer.

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Let’s now go over the possible causes of skin cancer in dogs…


The Possible Causes of Dog Skin Cancer

Believe it or not, there still isn’t a single major cause of dog cancer that has been determined by scientists and medical experts. However, there are several possible factors that could trigger the onset of this disease.

These factors include old age, genetics, prolonged exposure to the sun, harmful chemicals in the environment, as well as sudden abnormalities in the hormones. This is the biggest reason why it is extremely important to boost your dog’s immune system health, so he won’t be an easy target for diseases, especially against cancer.

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Natural Support for Dog Skin Cancer You Should Take Note Of

Here are the dog skin cancer home remedies you need to have in your checklist. Besides helping ward off this serious disease, they also provide the right support should your dog be afflicted with this illness.


Turmeric helps inhibit the development and spread of cancer cells.

Turmeric is a relative of ginger and is mainly grown throughout Asia as a key ingredient in curry dishes. According to the National Cancer Institute, turmeric contains a substance called curcumin that has been seen to help eliminate cancer cells and intercept them from spreading to other parts of the body.

You can use turmeric as a dog cancer holistic treatment either fresh or in dry, powder form. You can mix in about two pinches of fresh turmeric directly to your dog’s meal. Don’t forget to peel the whole thing first since the skin can be a bit fibrous and hard to digest. You can also grate the turmeric to do away with the stringy bits.

On the other hand, you can mix in the dry, powdered turmeric to your dog’s water bowl to harness its curcumin content. A fourth of a teaspoon will already do the trick. You can also mix powdered turmeric with a bit of coconut oil to make a salve to apply on the affected areas of the skin.


Second in our checklist of dog cancer natural remedies is lychee.

Although mostly known worldwide as a tropical fruit that adds another dimension of flavor in fruit salads, lychee or litchi has also been observed to also have cancer-repelling properties.

A study published in ScienceDirect reports that lychee contains compounds that can block the proliferation of cancer cells and even stimulate “apoptosis” or cancer cell death. Integrating lychee in your dog’s regular diet can help ward off skin cancer in dogs.

However, it is important to remember that you should remove the skin and the pit before feeding it to your dog. Depending on the size of your dog, a maximum of two (2) lychees should only be served.


A Natural Product Designed to Support your Dog during Skin Cancer

Zumalka’s PIPTOPET is made from a mushroom called Piptoporus Betulinus, which is scientifically proven to have anticancer properties. It is completely natural and formulated with the highest standards as regards to holistic medicine.

PIPTOPET works by promoting a healthy immune system as well as providing the right amount of support during cancer. What makes this natural product even more versatile is that it can also be used in addition to more traditional treatments such as chemotherapy.


Final Word

If we’re being honest, skin cancer in dogs is a very serious disease. Supporting your dog during this illness is not just about choosing the right course of action. It’s also about going for the best natural option that doesn’t just help maintain your dog’s good health, but will also give him the right support during cancer.

Give your dog the care and support he truly deserves. Reach out to Zumalka today to really take charge of your pet’s overall health and wellness. You simply have to contact us at any time to get started.

Suzie Cyrenne
Suzie Cyrenne


Suzie Cyrenne is a certified Homeopath with over ten years of experience creating natural products for cats and dogs. She co-founded eCommerce brand, Zumalka in 2013 with her husband Matt and is on a mission to help thousands of animals naturally improve their quality of life and shares her experience on their popular YouTube show. Hence, she created a line of high-performance natural pet supplements to target the root cause of common health issues. Suzie was influenced by her mother-in-law, who practiced homeopathy and made natural remedies from home. After being on prescriptions for many years for a skin issue without resolution, she wanted to try something new. Her problems were cleared up within a few months of dedication to a better diet supplemented by homeopathic remedies. That's when she knew that homeopathy worked! During this process, she wondered why there weren't better options for pets and soon created a popular line of natural remedies that have helped thousands of pets across the USA. When she’s not traveling or reading the next personal development book, you can find Suzie snowboarding, working out, or enjoying a daily hike.

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